The National Street Tire Challenge (NSTC) concept developed within a small group of SCCA Milwaukee Region Solo members as an event to appeal to Solo competitors that typically do not attend the SCCA Solo National Championships. It was inspired by the growing number of entrants in street tire classes. The Milwaukee Region group created the NSTC to accommodate the demand for street tire Solo competition on a national level. With the help of Milwaukee Region Solo Chairman Jason Frank and Bridgestone, funding was secured for the first NSTC.

The inaugural NSTC was held on Saturday September 12th, 2009. A total of 104 entries participated across 3 classes: A (all-wheel-drive), F (front-wheel-drive) and R (rear-wheel-drive). Entrants arrived from as far away as Florida and New York. Everyone had a great time. All participants went home with a t-shirt and a smile. Against many odds, the inaugural event was very successful.

Given the success of the first NSTC event, Bridgestone signed on to sponsor the second NSTC in 2010. Substantial planning and promotion went into the second event, held on Saturday June 19th, 2010, with the help of a great number of members from the Milwaukee Region.

Bridgestone not only sponsored the event itself, they also awarded one set of tires to the overall winner. Better yet, another set of Bridgestone tires was given away to a random entrant. Bridgestone also arrived with their semi trailer for on-site customer support.

In 2010, Optima Batteries stepped in to sponsor a newly added Muscle Car class. Optima provided battery certificates to the winners of all four classes and another certificate was given away to a random entrant.

The 2010 entry list climbed to 121 total entries across the 4 classes A (awd), F (fwd),R (rwd) and M (muscle car). The event again proved to be a resounding success.

With Bridgestone's support we are again looking to build on prior success with this concept. In 2011, three NSTC qualifier events will be held across the country with the help of other SCCA regions in Dallas, Atlanta, and Washington DC. The culmination of the season - a two-day NSTC championship event - will be hosted in Milwaukee on September 17th - 18th, 2011.